Cu2941 use and develop systems that

Emails — some agencies like to send email as it is a faster way for them and this is ok with me as long as it is recorded. The different means of communication I use to meet different needs are.

Level 5 Hsc Diploma Unit Cu2941 1

I work in partnership with the parents concerning their child needs. On all my schemes there are support plans in place which have signature sheets at the end for staff to sign once they have read and understood what is required of them. I feel that I have a great leader to follow and learn a great deal from.

This means that each assessor should possess relevant knowledge and understanding, and be able to assess this in units designed to test specific knowledge and understanding, or in units where knowledge and understanding are components of competency. It is the right of all service users in our health and social care services that they have the right to expect any personal information they share will be treated confidential.

Unit HSC 51 Use Of Communication System

The Quality Advisor will quality assure the qualification process which ensures that certification of the qualification is reliable, consistent and to the national standard, by checking the consistency of assessments made by the training provider, and across training providers.

In order for me to propose improvements I would have to collect feedback from staff and service users of the areas they feel that need improvement, I would then monitor the areas which have been brought to my attention, discuss with all the parties involved how we all feel we can improve.

Use the order calculator below and get started. Face to face communication can be very effective as you can have all relevant partnerships together to discuss matters, but again unless you take notes or record the meeting you have no real evidence to work with if at a later date a conflict arises.

I would also support communication by attending staff meeting ever second week and staff are told that they must attend once a month. Many methods are used but in my role the most effective methods of communication are either email or via telephone, this is due to the time issues we have, it is not always possible to arrange face to face meetings.

All staff involved have a legal and ethical obligation to protect this information trusted to them by the service user. To monitor staff I hold team meetings which allows both myself to put my points and issues across and for staff to say if they feel things are working or not working and for them to make suggestions too.

Good communication is important and central to support either service users, staff or health authorities to ensure a effective service. It is also essential that when sharing information, it is necessary for the purpose of which you are sharing it, that it is accurate and up to date and most importantly shared securely.

I also have a young autistic man who can communicate verbally but needs things broken down or the use of pictures to understand at times. I know the picture cards work with her as we discuss her preferred ways of communication to ensure she can communicate at all times.

For example email is good as not only is it fast and efficient, you also have a written trail of you correspondence to look back over and use if needed to prove what has or has not been said in the past.

The information my lead to a referral been made to social services. So although I may have individual ways of communicating they have to be reassessed every shift to ensure they are still relevant. The prime source of evidence for competency based learning outcomes within this qualification is on-going assessor observation.

When communication breaks down between management and staff, this is when issues start to arise affecting both staff and the service users in turn. Where possible you could have a direct line for phone calls where you can be reached to deal with things on a daily basis.

Communication system

Post — we post letters to the agencies if we are unable to reach the families or if they no longer wish to be involved with the service. All if a member of staff is not on the office this is a good way of communicating.

I do this on a daily basis within my role to ensure good professional working practice. Once this is all clear with them, I then introduce it to the staff team. Make sure you only mark one answer for each question and that you completely fill the circle. CU Use and develop systems that promote communications.

4. Be able to use systems for effective information management. Topic: Miss. How About Make It Original? Let us edit for you at only $ to make it % original.

PROCEED. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. CU - Use and develop systems that promote communication (SHC51) Within my care setting I work with a variety of different individuals with numerous communication difficulties and needs.

CU Use and develop systems that promote communications 4. Be able to use systems for effective information management 4. 1 Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaining confidentiality and sharing information Working with in a Surestart setting for the last 11.

CU – Use and develop systems that promote communication – There are a range of people that I support that have communication needs that need addressing, some service users have high capacity and can verbally communicate with minimal assistance, however they can need support in wording their feelings and emotions in appropriate ways.

Unit CU Use and develop systems that promote communication. 1, Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role. Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role.

CU Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication Level 5 Credit value 3 GLH 24 Unit summary The purpose of this unit is to assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to develop communication systems for meeting individual outcomes and promoting partnership working.

Cu2941 use and develop systems that
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